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Sumanth Training Centre lends a helping hand for children with all kinds of disabilities

28-year-old Loka Sumanth Reddy is an inspiration to all of us. This youngster heads the Sumanth Training Center in Hyderabad. And what makes this remarkable is that Sumanth has a mental disability.

The centre empowers children with various kinds of disabilities. The special educators not only teach them the basics of education but also give them critical life skills to face the competitive world out there. All this under the guidance of Sumanth!

The centre was launched in 2017 by Sumanth's father Sudarshan Reddy. Sumanth was fortunate to be given the opportunity to study and graduated in psychology, sociology and philosophy. But his father knew that this was not the case for everyone with a disability.

This led to the idea for the Sumanth Training Center. The aim was to give such opportunities to children with various kinds of disabilities. There is a day care centre facility here as well.

Currently, there are over 25 children and six special educators at the center in Hyderabad. The kids are between the ages of 6 to 14 years. Most of the children are accompanied by a guardian or their mothers. This way the children can be trained at homes as well.

We have separate rooms for children with different disabilities because their needs are different. When we provide them with special toys and other special learning materials, it helps them to think and get a better insight into things around them. All these children are unique. But they are denied admission in schools with regular children- Loka Suraj Reddy, Vice-President, Sumanth Training Centre.

Currently, the training centre is running successfully under Sumanth's guidance. Apart from donning the role of a director, he is a mentor and teacher to many disabled children.

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