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Are you dating a wheelchair user? Check out these tips!

August 28, 2018

Dating someone on a wheelchair can be a wee bit different. For instance, calling them 'heroes' or 'super humans' is only going to make you look awkward! But a wee bit of sensitivity is only going to help.

21 year old Joshua Reeves is a wheelchair user. Just like any other youngster of today, this guy is also on the dating app Tinder. He has even defined his profile saying me and my wheels will give you feels! Joshua says that he has casual conversations with young women in the app. But once they realise that he is a wheelchair user, they go cold.

Hence, Joshua has penned down a few tips to help and guide you if you are dating a wheelchair user.

  • Love a person for what they are. Nobody needs sympathies!
  • Mobility will be different for wheelchair users. But that does not mean that they have to be treated differently. Just treat them normally.
  • When you go with a person with no disability, how do you treat them? Treat a wheelchair user the same way.
  • Do not show sympathies. No one needs to be constantly reminded that they are superheroes.
  • Do not ask a wheelchair user where their carer is. Wheelchair users are independent just like anyone amongst us.
  • Mainly, if you feel comfortable with the person, go with the flow. Do not be scared to take it to the next level. Maybe you just found the soul mate for life!

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