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How much do you know about autism!

Autism is a developmental disability and affects the ability of the child to grow and learn skills. Autism is a complex disorder with a wide range of symptoms and severity.

Here is some more information about autism or ASD, a disorder that affects one in 68 children.

  1. There are no clear and precise symptoms of the disorder in a baby. The presence of the disorder will vary from child to child. In most cases, the signs appear in the second or third year of a child's life span. However, understanding and detecting autism in children can help parents take action on time.

  2. Autism is not curable but can be managed through care, meds, therapy and loads of love and affection.

  3. Autism affects the communication skills of children. Therapy and training can be undertaken to manage behavior. Children can be taught to communicate with others through skill training exercises and sessions.

  4. Children with autism may seem unsocial but they are not. They love to be around their families and loved ones. They like it when they are spoken to, although they may not be prompt in responding.

  5. Children with autism may have high IQs and display superior intellect. However, they still may face challenges in life due to lack of social and interactive skills. This mainly due to lack of awareness about autism.

  6. It is also not uncommon for adults with autism to be able to do jobs and lead their lives independently.

  7. Non-verbal children with ASD can use technology to learn and communicate with others.

  8. Autism can cause certain personality traits and people may become particular about their likes and dislikes.

  9. People with autism can also be interested in a particular thing or topic and remain focused on that.

  10. It is also common for people with autism to experience anxiety and nervousness.

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