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Enabling deaf children across India to find their voice in multiple ways, Vaani shows you how

Living with a disability can be an isolating experience and this is even more so for people in remote parts of India.

Something the Vaani Deaf Children's Foundation is working to change every single day. They are working to empower deaf children across the states of Karnataka, West Bengal and the north east.

Founded in 2005 by Brinda Crishna, Vaani reaches out to children below the age of 14 years. The idea is to catch them young and equip them with the skills needed to survive in the competitive world outside.

Vaani has successfully completed over 13 years in the field with the help of partnerships with local organizations!

They have an Individualised Educational Plan that focuses on giving attention to the individual needs of the child. Under this, the child, parent and teachers are supported and given sensitization lessons. All parents' must attend these classes with their children. This gives them an insight into their child's disability and they are informed and empowered to engage with their children in day-to-day activities.

Disabled people do not need sympathy. What they need is equal opportunity. We aim to bridge barriers and make communication easier for deaf children. Parents of deaf children are an important part of our programmes. This way, they can spread the word to other parents of disabled children and become community leaders.- Sumedha Joglekar, Director, Vaani Deaf Children Foundation.

Vaani has also won many awards in recognition of their work. They claim to have reached out to over 27,000 people. These include hearing impaired children, their parents and teachers. They aim to reach out to 30,000 deaf children by 2021.

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