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Jyothirgamaya Foundation is empowering blind students with a can do attitude

September 6, 2018

Tiffany Brar needs no introduction. This blind young woman is walking her own special path as a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and teacher. Her organization, Jyothirgamaya Foundation, based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is helping to empower blind people since 2015.

Jyothirgamaya aims to make blind people financially independent and enable them to lead a life of dignity and honour. They have a residential training centre that is open to blind people from across India. At the centre, students are trained to use the latest accessible technologies, and taught communication skills in English.

There are seven students in each batch and each batch is for a period of five months. There are over five staff members and two special educators to teach the students.

What sets this initiative apart is the personal touch Brar brings, having experienced considerable challenges as visually impaired person.

I decided to start Jyothirgamaya because I know the hardships that a blind person goes through in our society. They face discrimination, violence and lack of support to name a few. I want to help more blind people to come forward and become community leaders- Tiffany Brar, Founder, Jyothirgamaya Foundation.

Tiffany points out that the organization does not have much support from the government, especially when it comes to funds. However, thanks to many generous donors, this has not come in the way of their work.

More than funds, the bigger challenge is to convince parents themselves to give their children a chance. Most parents are unable to recognize the fact that given the opportunities, their children can overcome the challenges their disability brings. It is this mindset that Jyothirgamaya Foundation is battling. They are doing this by proving those attitudes wrong by empowering more blind people to stand tall.

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