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Are you a disabled person? Here are a few tips to beat your blues

In today's times, people hardly get time for themselves. They are either working or trying to figure out other many things in life. But it is extremely important to take some time off for yourself. This helps you get your head straight from the rat race that we all are part of.

Prajith Jaipal is a wheelchair user and founder of the NGO Divyang Foundation in Kerala. Jaipal points out that there are umpteen ways to beat the boredom in today's world where technology is easily available.

24 hours a day is actually not enough for me to carry on with my work! But everyone needs a break. During my free time, I whatsApp, check social media or call friends. I love singing. This new Smule app is a great time pass! I attend music classes twice a week. So music literally keeps me occupied during my free time. I also love painting. On weekends, I go out to the beach with friends and family. I also have my own online portal through which I earn money. - Prajith Jaipal, Founder, Divyang Foundation.

Sherin Mary is a teenager with autism who has marked her space in the literary world with her lovely poems and prose. She has even authored four books. Mary's mother, Sangeetha, says that her daughter hardly gets any free time. But when she does, she spends it on getting closer to nature and animals.

Sherin has always indulged in her own world of literature. But when she is free, she prefers watching channels like National Geographic or watches YouTube videos on wild animals and nature. When we go for vacations, we prefer going to some place with lot of green spaces. Sherin loves to get lost in nature- Sangeetha, Sherin Mary's mother.

We bring to you a few tips to stay happy and have a healthy mind.

  • Start exercising - We all know that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Physical activity is extremely important. Endorphins or our 'happy hormones' work at their best when we are doing a physical activity and when the blood is circulating. When you are a disabled person, you might have to stick on to certain exercises so that you do not stress out your body too much. Make sure that you hire a personal trainer who can help you with the right kinds of physical activities.
  • Go for trips - There is a no better way to unwind yourself than going for a vacation! You can do it alone or with your loved ones. India has many tourist locations that are accessible. Do a small research on it from online resources. Try and plan your schedule ahead so that you do not end up confused!
  • Clean your room - Yes, you heard that right! This might not be something that anyone of us is too particular about. But it can actually be a fun activity. But this will make you feel good that you completed something which has been kept pending for long.
  • Try and make friends you can relate to - There are many good souls out there who would love to be friends with you. How about going down the nearby park or hopping into a cafe to meet new people? We all know that some people can have a deep and positive impact in our lives. It is extremely important that we connect with such people. Try and make friends with the right ones!
  • Engage in arts and crafts - From photography to learning new crafts and more, there are many things that a disabled person can try their hands on. We live in a virtual world where everything is easily accessible. Whatever you want can be ordered online and will be delivered at your doorstep. Make maximum use of that. Try and learn new arts and crafts. Love singing and dancing? Enrol for classes!

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