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This rolling wheelchair makes it easy to go up and down the stairs

For wheelchair users or elderly people living in buildings without lifts, going out can be a difficult affair. Taking the wheelchair up and down the stairs is a long and painful process, enough to keep anyone indoors.

Now thanks to a company called SeeDee, their lives can change. SeeDee's rolling wheelchair is different from other wheelchairs as it can climb up and down the stairs smoothly, in a safe and controlled speed.

Company founder Jamshed Dalal said he decided to make such a wheelchair available after he struggled to get one for his father six years ago. There was nothing of this type available in India, so Dalal decided to import the parts and assemble it with additional accessories.

I found that Found out that there is no organised way of purchase and service for these products in India. People are selling many wheelchairs without proper pricing or even support for spares and service. We are importing and assembling with additional accessories and also have made modifications to suit Indian conditions. - Jamshed Dalal, Founder, SeeDee

The wheelchair, which costs Rs 1,10,000, is battery operated and compact. This makes it easy to fit it in most car dicky's. It can also be easily used in places where other wheelchairs struggle. An assistant is need to operate the wheelchair.

Rajiv Mane's father has been using it for over eight months now. He says it has changed his 88-year-old father's life.

"My father has a neurological problem and cannot walk. Most wheelchairs don't work in our house because there are different levels and it is all up and down. He was confined to his room for almost four months and had become depressed. After we got this rolling wheelchair, he is back to his old self."

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