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This new ultrasonic stick makes lives easier for blind people!

Three students from Ambala in Haryana have created something unique and helpful for blind people. Their new ultrasonic stick is the new talk of town! Aryan Aggarwal, Aakash Kushwaha and Daksh Goyal studies in classes 10, 7 and 6 respectively. But they are already on a roll and want to do their bit for the society. There is no better way other than creating something helpful for disabled people! That is how the ultrasonic stick was born.

According to its creators, the stick has an ultrasonic sensor that will tell the user if there is an obstruction on the way. An audio response is immediately sent via the stick by beeping. Moreover, this device is suited for all weather conditions and can even be used for self-defence! In case of urgency, the stick will reach to emergency numbers as well.

Anandhi Vishwanathan is a person with low vision. She is also the founder of 'Inside Stories' a start up venture for disabled people in Bengaluru. Anandhi feels that the ultrasonic stick can be helpful to beginners.

I know a lot of Smart Cane users. This device is quite similar to ultrasonic stick. It alerts the user by giving vibrations when there is an obstruction ahead. But in Indian roads, this is quite difficult to be used. We have some obstruction everywhere. Right from garbage on our roads, vehicles and even people, our roads are always filled with obstructions. This device keeps beeping all the time. Smart cane users had to return back to their regular canes. Moreover, a blind person relies on many factors including smell. These vibrations can be a hitch in recognising things using our natural instinct. But sounds like the ultrasonic cane can be of great help to beginners- Anandhi Vishwanathan, Founder, Inside Stories.

The stick also keeps a track of the user's body temperature and heart rate. If the user is going in the wrong route, it alerts them and helps find the right route. So it is not just blind people who will benefit from this ultrasonic stick. Elderly people and even children can use this. If a child gets lost, this stick will help detect them or even ensure that they reach home safely. This stick has been created using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The users are definitely going to benefit from this awesome device!

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