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Check out WayAround, the app for blind people that's now available on Android

There are many mobile apps that make day to day living easier for people who are blind and visually impaired. One of them, WayAround, is now available on Android phones.

The app was launched in January 2018 on iOS and after many requests, it was decided to include bring it to Android phone users as well. WayAround works like a smart assistant, giving details on demand to users.

There is custom audio information that gives the user details about their home, work space, and other places they visit frequently.

Darwin Belt, the co-founder of WayAround, happens to be blind himself. He says that people with any degree of vision loss can use the app. It has been created such that it can work with the talkback screen and select to speak options.

Vishal Kumar, president, Blind Graduates Forum of India (BGFI) says he is looking forward to using the app.

It sounds like a great app for blind people. I live alone and commute to work using the local bus and train service. So I literally live on Google maps. Hope WayAround app can make life easier for many blind people across the world. - Vishal Kumar, President, Blind Graduates Forum of India.

Makers of the app claim this will revolutionize mobility for blind people.

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