Another major breach in Aadhaar database raises worries

Just how secure is the Aadhaar database? Its a question that haunts us time and again. In a recent instance, a three-month-long investigation claims to have exposed a software patch that compromises the security of the data stored in the Aadhaar identity database.

The patch allows hackers to disable security features of the official Aadhaar enrolment software and generate unauthorised Aadhaar numbers.All this can be done for as little as Rs 2,500 for a one time charge. It is apparently already being used by many enrolment operators . <</p>

This new report comes just before the launch of face recognition facility by the Aadhaar-issuing body. The facility will bring face recognition along with iris and fingerprint scan to verify users.

The news report says that Aadhaar patch along with usernames and passwords needed to access the enrolment gateway can be obtained from WhatsApp groups. Once installed, the patch apparently helps enrolment operators to abandon the use of their fingerprints to access the enrolment software. It also disables GPS and reduce the sensitivity of the iris scanner.

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