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Going for a date with a blind person? Here are a few tips to make your day beautiful

We all love to fall in love and get the best out of each other. For many people, dating a disabled person can be a wee bit different. But true love does not let you draw lines. Hence, you never know whether you will find the love of your life in a person with a disability or without any disabilities. It can be a person's smile, eyes or just their charm that can woo you. But meeting the right person can change your life!

In India, many blind people have found their soul mates through mobile apps, matrimony websites and so on.

Nafisa is a person with low vision from Mumbai. She was 49 years old when she found her soul mate in Parvez Buhariwala who was mourning the death of his first wife. They were neighbours since childhood. But it took them decades to get married and start living together! Now the couple are living a happy life at their home in Mumbai.

62 year old Amarjeet Singh Chawla is a blind marathoner from Mumbai. He has been living with his wife for the past 35 years. His wife does not have any disabilities, and they have been sharing unconditional love ever since their marriage.

A blind person demands more care than a person with no disability. When their partner gives lots of love, they are confident of building a life with that person- Amarjeet Singh Chawla, Marathoner.

Payal Jethra is a blind person and works for the Bank of Baroda in Mumbai. She is a single mother to a ten year old child. But she is open to meeting new people and spending quality time.

The first thing I would demand from a date is accessible locations. It does not look nice if I have to worry about commuting or going to unknown places on my own. These days I prefer chilling at home with a friend. Secondly, if a person has questions for me, please ask! Do not refrain from asking questions. Even I would have many questions which I would love to be answered- Payal Jethra, Bank of Baroda.

Are you someone who is dating a blind person or do you know someone who is dating a blind person? Here are a few tips to make your companionship smoother and beautiful

  • First impression matters, even to a blind person- Most of us believe that first impression is all about dressing up well or looking gorgeous on a date. A blind person easily identifies what kind of person you are from your scent and even touch! As a gesture of love, you can always give a hug to your loved one when you are going for a date. It would only make them feel great about being with you!
  • Choose for accessible and disabled friendly meet up points- We all love to go to a romantic coffee shop or restaurant for dates. But do you know that not all places are easily accessible for a blind person? When you plan for a date, ensure that you choose an accessible spot where your blind friend can also enjoy time spent together.
  • Open communication is the key to friendship- Unless you are a good friend, you can never be a great lover. Blind people do not get offended too easily. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. That is yet another way to bond well. Beating around the bush would only make things more awkward.
  • Blind people don't need saviours!- If you plan to become a saviour to your blind friend and show oodles of sympathy, chances are more that you might not meet the person for another date! You do not have to unnecessarily lend them a helping hand unless they ask you to. Blind people are independent. They have their things sorted and know well how to go about doing it as well.
  • Give love and take love- Man is a social animal. We love being pampered and affectionate to our fellow beings. A disabled person does not need sympathies. They would rather have you walk in their shoes to know how it feels. So if you are dating a blind person, shower them with lots of love and enjoy getting it back!

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