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Have a place to go & need a modified vehicle? Dial Mobility India cabs in Bengaluru

Gone are days when the prospect of traveling anywhere was a matter of worry for people with disabilities. More options are becoming available for accessible transport, at least in the cities.

One of the cities that is way ahead of the rest is Bengaluru. Many NGOs here provide vehicles that are modified for disabled people. Among them is Mobility India based in Bengaluru.

Mobility India is a registered society that was launched in 1994. They have spread their wings to Guwahati as well. The organization has won national and state-level awards for their contribution towards creating a barrier-free environment.

The NGO's aim is to build inclusion, empowerment, protect human rights and promote accessibility for disabled people.

They decided to look at the space of accessible transport in the year 2000, when they found that travel for people with disabilities was such a challenge.

Most times, a disabled person has to be carried into a vehicle by a caregiver or a driver. This affects their dignity, especially of disabled women. That is when Mobility India decided to look into providing better transport facilities for disabled people. - Albina Shankar, Executive Director, Mobility India.

From two Maruti vans fitted with wheelchair ramps, today Mobility India has a much bigger fleet of accessible vehicles. They have five accessible vans, one in Guwahati and four in Bengaluru.

Help came from Delhi's Swayamp Foundation in 2017 when it donated three vehicles. This has made commuting smoother for disabled people and the elderly in

Mobility India currently offers services within Bengaluru city. They help out people with temporary physical disabilities as well, like fractures.

"More disabled people are now able to take part in family functions or even visit doctors without any hassle. We believe that disabled people must be included in mainstream activities. Hence, providing them accessible transport is important", says Shankar.

Mobility India is hopeful that more people will come forward and start making their vehicles disabled-friendly. And the NGO is more than happy to help them do so. This is a movement they want to build - to enable people with disabilities to become independent.

Want to book a Mobility India cab? Call 080 26492222 or 080 26597337.

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