Review of Malayalam movie ‘Theevandi’

In Malayalam, ‘theevandi’ literally means a train. But in Tovino Thomas’s new movie ‘Theevandi’, the metaphor is for a chain smoker. The movie is running in packed house across India with over 18 shows in one theatre per day!

‘Theevandi’ is indeed a great treat from young star Tovino Thomas. He has been experimenting with his skills by picking up different roles.

In ‘Theevandi’, Tovino plays the role of Bineesh Damodaran, a carefree youngster who is popular in his hometown for smoking many packs of cigarettes a day. His life revolves around his bunch of friends and lover Devi. All was well for Bineesh until his engagement with Devi gets called off due to his excessive smoking. One day, he is forced to quit smoking after being challenged by a bunch of politicians. In return, his brother in law, an aspiring politician, will be chosen as a candidate in the upcoming elections. Will Bineesh quit smoking? Second half of the movie revolves around this plot.

‘Theevandi’ is directed by newbie Fellini TP. This youngster is undoubtedly a promise to Malayalam cinema. He has put up a remarkable show and ensured that the audience are glued to their seats throughout two hours of the movie. There are right amounts of comedy, romance and drama in ‘Theevandi’. Songs by Kailas Menon were already a hit much before the release of the movie.

Many new actors have been introduced in ‘Theevandi’ including heroine Samyuktha Menon. Rest of the star cast includes national award winner Surabhi Lakshmi, Sudheesh, Shammi Thilakan, Saiju Kurup and Suraj Venjaramoodu.

If you are looking out to watch a great movie this weekend, then do not miss ‘Theevandi’ at a theatre near you.

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