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Drumming does wonders for children with autism says research, some parents differ

From better movement to improved concentration and even enhanced communication skills, drumming does wonders for kids with autism, says new research from the United Kingdom

A developmental disorder, autism affects a child's ability to interact or communicate. The study says that drumming for as little as 60 minutes a week can help support the learning of a child with autism. Drumming is a blend of many activities. It improves muscle coordination and changes social, behavioural, and motor control activities for good.

But not all parents agree with the findings. Like Suba Rajesh, a parent from Chennai, who is the mother of 17-year-old Ritwik, who has autism. She says drumming has not helped her child.

My son is not a huge fan of music. They have drumming sessions at his school but it has not helped him at all. I tried introducing him to keyboard. He did not enjoy that either. Ritwik is a foodie and he loves experimenting with culinary skills. Those kinds of activities actually help him. - Suba Rajesh.

Rajesh believes that drumming may be effective for children whose parents do mot take them for therapy. "Such children will have lots of energy stored in their muscles. They need to vent it out somewhere and drumming would definitely help them".

However, the new study definitely throws up more options to consider for parents of kids with autism. The jury may be out on the benefits of it, but this does throw up something to think about.

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