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Blind people get a new lease of life at this school in Chennai!

September 16, 2018

Not every person is lucky to be educated or live an independent life. When you are a disabled person, this can become a tad more difficult. But schools like 'Nethrodaya' make it easier for blind people to build their own lives.

Nethrodaya was founded by C Govindakrishnan from Chennai on October 2002. Being a blind person, he knows the hardships faced by his community members. The school provides free education for blind children from economically backward families in remote areas of Tamil Nadu. They have classes from standard 6 to 12 under the Tamil Nadu state education board.

Nethrodaya is a residential school for blind children from under privileged and marginalized sections. Nethrodaya ensures that the best education is provided to blind children so that they can live an independent and happy life. Being a blind person, I have undergone a lot of trauma and discrimination during my childhood. There are certain things that I wanted to get but never did. I want to lend a helping hand to those who need help- C Govindakrishnan, Founder, Nethrodaya.

Apart from a special school, Nethrodaya also has a B.Ed school for aspiring blind teachers. Nethrodaya points out that the numerous awards that they have won from the Tamil Nadu state government has made them stronger! Students are provided lessons in Braille, communicative English and computers.

I run a special school, but authorities do not give us any consideration. I have already fought 16 cases in Tamil Nadu High Court. Disability is still a stigma in our country. Many people, including neighbours, filed a case saying that they do not want to see blind people around their houses since it is a bad omen. Thanks to the law, I have won all the cases and we got justice. The court even said that if someone discriminates or disturbs a disabled person, they will be fined by law- C Govindakrishnan, Founder, Nethrodaya.

Govindakrishnan believes that with unconditional support from well-wishers, he can expand his school and college and also educate more blind children to face the world with strength.

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