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This Chennai NGO opens doors for artists with disabilities!

September 17, 2018

Kai Rassi is an NGO in Chennai that empowers disabled people through art. People with disabilities get a new lease of life through their beautiful art works that are sold at art fests, workshops, schools, exhibitions and even through online mediums with the help of this NGO.

Founded in 2017 by Divya Rao, Indira Reddy and Kadambari, Kai Rassi has already empowered many people with disabilities. Right now, they have over 15 disabled artists who are part of this beautiful venture at Chennai.

All three of us were friends from school. We were art enthusiasts and always wanted to do our bit for the disabled community right from school days. That is how we decided to kick start Kai Rassi. We are glad that we did! People come to know about our venture through word of mouth. Many parents of children with disabilities have already reached out to us. Our main aim is to reach out to maximum artists with disabilities. Most of them are sitting at home. So why not make money from their art works? - Indira Reddy, Co-founder, Kai Rassi.

Apart from opening doors to the world of art, Kai Rassi also introduces budding artists to art teachers who help them create their own style. They have been collaborating with various companies and agencies in India for more support. Recently, Rubicon had put up their art works on popcorn tubs at Satyam cinemas in Chennai! If all goes well, Kai Rassi artists will have their works on merchandise, clothes, stationary and more.

We want to keep works of our artists pure as possible. Kai Rassi aims to promote diversity and inclusion. We are keeping on striving for that- Indira Reddy, Co-founder, Kai Rassi.

Kai Rassi was started as a small scale NGO. But now since it is already over a year since their venture started, they are planning to expand it to other parts of India. The team has already set up an office at Delhi. Very soon, they hope to reach out to disabled artists from rural and urban parts of India. For that, they need skilled art teachers, mentors and lots of support!

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