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We need a world that does not discriminate against us - My Take by Anjurani Joy, record winner in jar lifting

In My Take this week we have Anjurani Joy from Kerala. Roy is a wheelchair user who has set two world records in jar lifting.

I was born with a disability, so I have been using a wheelchair all 30 years of my life. I live with my parents and siblings in Kochi. My parents are my biggest pillars of strength, and have been with me through thick and thin. I have a degree in sociology and have been experimenting with my skills.

My tryst with jar lifting began around 13 years back. I was watching television when I saw someone jar lifting and was quite fascinated! Out of curiosity, I tried doing the same with two glasses. It made me feel so good that I kept practicing with more weights. I realized that I could hold weights with my two fingers. Now I can lift up to two kgs. It is quite a stress buster!

I lifted a one kg glass jar for over a minute with my two fingers and set two records so far. My goal is to grab the World Guinness record. That needs a lot of practice of course but I am well on my way.

I love experimenting with my skills. I do not believe in just confining myself to one task. Mirror writing is something I have taken up with lots of passion. So basically, I can write with both my hands at the same time in English and Malayalam. I use both my hands to write from left to right. This can be read as a mirror image!

I am also skilled at video editing. I have done a few advertisements and also edit videos for the YouTube channel Plavila. The channel deals with wedding events, cultural programs and so on. So I can sit at home and work without any hassles.

I am also part of Thanal Paraplegic Welfare Society that works towards empowering wheelchair users. We do this through cultural programs and camps. I have a Facebook page named Anjoos Collections where I sell handmade jewelry. I have been getting great responses and hope to start a boutique soon.

I love to go outdoors, nut have to rely on someone due to my disability. I feel that our government has a long way to go when it comes to making places accessible. I would love to go watch a movie but there are very few accessible theaters, except for a few malls with multiplexes?

I run a business on my own, and face many challenges. One of the main ones being that people are not willing to pay for the work that a disabled person does. They have this attitude that they are doing us a favor by purchasing our products. One must understand that we do not want sympathy. What we need is the right attitude that recognizes our work.

I feel that people must change their attitudes towards disability. We are just as strong and efficient like any other person.

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