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Check out these awesome recreational activities for children with Down syndrome!

Down syndrome is a condition that affects the genetic chromosome of a child leading to developmental and intellectual disabilities. Millions of children across the world are diagnosed with Down syndrome. Gone are days when Down syndrome was considered to be a taboo. Today, there are many schools and therapy centres that lend a helping hand to children with disabilities to face day to day challenges of the world.

Experts are looking into various ways through which children with Down syndrome can participate in activities along with children who do not have any disabilities.

Dr. Surekha Ramachandran is part of the Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI) in Chennai. Her daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome and Surekha has been an active member of the community for the past many years. She feels that children with Down syndrome can easily participate in all activities along with those who do not have any disabilities. They can even join a school without much hassle!

Children with Down syndrome need good medical intervention. Each child has a different need and we must identify that. Once we get the go ahead from doctors, we opt for right therapies. Children with Down syndrome must be kept in par with the others. Their needs and demands are the same as that of their peers. We must stop thinking that they need something exceptional! If they make it obvious that they do not like something, check on it. Apart from that, a child with Down syndrome enjoys the same activities like how their peers do- Dr Surekha Ramachandran, resident, Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI).

Do you have a child with Down syndrome? Wondering how to make them more active? We have a few tips.

  • Arts and Music- Who doesn't love arts and music? This can be the ideal stress buster for a child with Down syndrome. It would make them feel better and can open doors to a beautiful world of creativity! Painting and drawing will improve hand eye coordination of the child. It promotes creativity and imagination. Completing an art work will give them more confidence. Music helps in retaining memory of a child with Down syndrome. So try introducing them to arts and music today!
  • Engage in more group activities- A child with Down syndrome will show great improvement in communication and societal skills when they engage in group activities. Introduce them to new games and let them enjoy every bit of that coordination.
  • Teach them new things everyday- They might not be fast learners like their peers, but a child with Down syndrome can learn things in course of time. Try and teach them a new word every day. This can be done through actions, plays or stories. They will have a fun time and can learn something new as well.
  • Travelling- We all love travelling. So do children with special needs! Sight-seeing gives them educationally and visually entertaining memory. Their communication skills are enhanced when they meet new people.
  • Engage in sports- Apart from helping to keep fit, sports does many other wonders to children with Down syndrome. Running, balancing on beams, cycling, hopping and skipping are some of the activities that you can push your child into. Today, many centres have opened where children with special needs can learn new things along with children who do not have any disabilities. Make the maximum use of it. Make sure that your child attends some sports activities on a daily basis.

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