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Creating an inclusive classroom for children with autism is easy

Every child has a right to education and it is the duty of the society to create and sustain inclusive classrooms.

An inclusive classroom is one where all children can learn and grow equally despite differences in abilities.

This means that the class accommodates children with and without disabilities.

At times, lack of awareness and information can cause communication barriers between children with disabilities and their classmates.

Today we will talk about making friends with classmates that have autism.

Creating awareness about autism and other disabilities among students is crucial for acceptance. Information will help other kids to understand the children with disabilities and create inclusive classrooms. Sneha Reddy, parent

Parents and teachers can help bridge the gaps between children with autism and their peers in class. The initial step is to explain to the kids about Autism.

Here are some points to consider

- Children should be made aware about autism if they have a classmate with the disorder. Tell them that autism is present from birth and affects the communication and learning ability of a person.

- Students can be informed about child specific information and how autism affects the everyday life of the child.

- It is also important to sensitize the students about the disability and its impact on the behavior of their classmates.

- The students need to maintain respect for their peers irrespective of their disabilities.

- Students should acknowledge the presence of other students with disabilities. Say hello to the children and do not ignore them.

- Children with autism are not communicative and may seem to be unfriendly and isolated. This should not be used against them.

- Effort should be made to encourage participation of children with autism in activities in the classroom.

- Students should be encouraged to practice some more patience and compassion with their classmates with autism.

- It is vital to discuss the disorder with students as it will open up their minds and create awareness in them about the condition of their peers.

My child got a lot of support from the teachers, however, lack of awareness in peers can affect bonding among the students. Children with autism can grow faster in inclusive environment. Meera Balaji, parent

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