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Seminar in Mumbai aims to offer parents of kids with Down syndrome support & information

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder and is caused due to changes in the genetic structure. Instead of the 46 chromosomes that ideally exist in the humans, there are 47 in people with Down syndrome.

One in every 700 newborns are affected by the syndrome across the globe.

The extra genes cause changes in development of the embryo in a pregnant woman and result in physical and mental disabilities in the child.

While there is no cure for the condition, proper quality of care and treatment can go a long way to help children with Down syndrome. What family members need is information and support. Absence of this creates more challenges.

PEHEL: An Initiative for Down Syndrome, is an attempt to offer support. The seminar aims to create awareness about the condition and ensure parents get useful information.

PEHEL stands for Parent Expert forum for Health and Excellence in Life. The initiative aims to bring the parents and experts together at a common platform and create an inclusive space.

The seminar will be held on 21 September at the Cloud Nine Hospital in Malad west, Mumbai. PEHEL is collaborating with the prestigious Cloudnine Hospital in Mumbai for the unique meetup.

The seminar will touch on some very crucial topics that have impact on the lives of children with Down syndrome.

The day will start with a session on the common myths associated with Down syndrome and Dr Shruti Bajaj will shed light on the truths.

The seminar will include an informative talk on the issues faced by children with Down syndrome during their adolescence. This important topic will be covered by Dr Nikhil Datar.

The aim of the seminar is to create awareness and make sure that children with Down syndrome can lead their life with dignity. This can be done through the spread of information about their condition and breaking the stigma associated with Down syndrome.- Dr Nikhil Datar, Medical Director, Cloudnine Hospitals

For parents, important information related to the financial security of their kids will also be imparted. This will be done by talking about the options available when it comes to getting Insurance for children with disabilities.

The day will be used to create new contacts and bonds among parents. These interactions are important as support from other parents can make it easier to face the day to day challenges.

Meeting with other parents can also become a positive experience and help get a clearer perspective about Down syndrome.

"Most children with Down syndrome benefit from education and training that is integrated with mainstream learning, 'along with other kids', rather than that from institutionalised and special schools", believes Dr Shruti Bajaj, a Consultant Clinical Geneticist with top hospitals in Mumbai.

To know more about PEHEL click here.

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