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Check out these 5 signs of hearing loss in children

September 23, 2018

Some hearing losses are acquired during birth, while others happen gradually during the course of one's lifetime. Most times, parents tend to overlook their children's hearing capacity. They think that the child is not paying attention. Hence, they do not hear. But if treated on time, certain hearing losses can be avoided in children.

Vijayalakshmi Pola realized her daughter Jyothika was deaf when she was three months old.

When a baby is three to six months, they must be able to hear sounds and look into directions from where the sounds come. By nine months, the baby will listen to sounds and assimilate them. Usually deaf children try and listen to other things. But since they cannot, they ignore it. Gradually, they tend to ignore sounds around them and that becomes normal to them. They just do not want to hear anything. Parents must identify and get treatment for children if they are deaf- Vijayalakshmi Pola, Parent to a deaf child

Azra Fatima, Principal, Greens Special School reaches out to deaf children and their parents every day.

"Early intervention is extremely important. Today, there are many centres that help out in this. Identify them and take your child to the right place. Some children take up to four years to talk. Parents must make use of technology and help their child as much as possible", says Fatima.

Here are some ways to identify hearing loss in children. If your child experiences any of this, make sure that you visit a doctor before it's too late.

  • Most times, babies and young children come to you when their name is called. If that does not happen, don't mistake it for carelessness. Chances are higher that the child did not hear you.
  • In some cases, the child might be able to hear in one ear but not the other. There are cases of partial hearing loss too.
  • Many children are lost in their own world and tend to ignore a lot of things that their parents ask them to do. Hence, parents ignore when a child with low hearing does not follow their instructions. Do not ignore it when they do this.
  • When we talk with our headphones on, we tend to hear only our voice. We think no one else can hear. A child who has a hearing problem tends to talk louder than usual. Do not ignore this symptom.
  • Childhood is all about asking questions, knowing new things and exploring. Hence, when a child with hearing problems keep repeating questions parents ignore that thinking it is normal.

Most importantly, you must get your infant treated for all kinds of health problems. They need regular check-up. Do not ignore the health of their ears when you visit the doctor.

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