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This workshop will help parents of disabled kids with tips on healthy eating

September 24, 2018

Children need proper nutrition for their physical and mental growth. However, children are very picky about food and have different eating habits. Parents go through a constant worry about ensuring a balanced meal for their children.

Some kids hate vegetables while there are some who hate lentils and soups. It can get very overwhelming for kids at meal times when they are forced by their concerned parents to eat healthy.

Proper nutrition comes from a healthy balanced diet taken every day. This is important to ensure the development of the child's bones, internal organs and brain.

Every parent wishes their child has a well-balanced meal and is open to newer food experiences to provide them with the right nourishment, and support their cognitive and physical development. However, for some children mealtimes and food are far from an enjoyable experience. With this workshop, we hope to give parents the necessary tools to make eating and food not just a fun experience, but also strengthen the parent-child emotional bond.- Chaula Badiani Founder Reach Therapy Center for Children

Well worry no more as experts are here to help! Reach Therapy Center for Children is holding a workshop that will help parents feed their kids without much fuss.

EASY 'PEAS' Y workshop has been designed with practical and effective strategies for happy eating. These can be used to make during mealtimes toensuer that children can start eating healthy and get into habit of being happy eaters.

Reach Therapy Center for Children is a healthcare center and has been providing state-of-art Occupational Therapy services to children with developmental disabilities and special needs.

The centre has been successful in rehabilitation and training of disabled children by working on their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, co-ordination, balance, strength and endurance, sensory processing, handwriting, attention, social skills and a lots more.

Reach Therapy Center for Children provides direct services to children and their families.they have been working with children with developmental conditions such as Autism, LD, ADHD, developmental coordination disorders, Down's syndrome, developmental delays, handwriting difficulties and more.

EASY 'PEAS' Y workshop will cover some basic and crucial aspects of feeding a fussy eater such as:

- Stages of sensory-motor development of feeding

- Sensor, motor, behavioral and environmental factors affecting feeding

- Difference between a picky eater and problem feeder

- Practical, evidence based and effective strategies to help your child eat easily

The workshop will take place in Mumbai on 21 October and you can call on +91 9769611844 or +91 9987545114 to register for the workshop.

Children with disabilities tend to have more feeding issues at times and parents can benefit from expert guidance. These workshops can make a positive difference as they focus on the feeding difficulties and impart practical help.

To know more about Reach Therapy Center and the workshop click here.

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