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Looking for some recreation? Check out these five awesome wheelchair sports

Wheelchair sports are one of the most sought after sports amongst the disabled community these days. There are many sports where disabled people can train themselves in and get the best from! India is home to many training centres in sports for disabled people. Our country has made its mark in world para sports too.

Engaging in sports is good for both mental and physical well-being. When you are a disabled person, you might tend to take a backseat from sports. But do not do that! Ensure that you pick up some interesting sport and practice it regularly.

Oliver D'Souza is a wheelchair basketball player. He feels that players must master intricacies of wheelchair sports.

It is no easy task. It can be very tricky. In wheelchair basketball, dribbling and rolling has to be done at the same time. So it takes a lot of practice. - Oliver D'Souza, Wheelchair Basketball player

Lakshmi VS from Chennai is a disabled person. Her favourite sport is Boccia. Lakshmi ensures that she does not miss the game every week. Recently, Ektha Foundation from Chennai had organized a Boccia National Team Championships. Lakshmi was also part of it.

"I love it very much and I go every Saturday to play my favourite game", says Lakshmi V S.

Check out these sports and pick your favourite one to remain fit and healthy!
  • Wheelchair basketball- This is one of the most sought after sports amongst disabled people. The sport was first introduced in the year 1956. India has its own Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India (WBFI) that promotes the game amongst disabled people in both urban and rural areas! Rules of the game are same as how it is played by a person with no disability. This can be a thrilling and exciting sport for you to indulge in!
  • Wheelchair rugby- Yes, you heard that right! Wheelchair rugby is the most exciting game that can be played on a wheelchair. The rules might be quite different from the rugby played by people without disabilities. But the thrill and enthusiasm remains the same!
  • Wheelchair cricket- India is a haven for cricket lovers. We all love cheering for our team when there is an international match. Did you know that wheelchair cricket is also equally exciting? This sport is picking up at a rapid pace in India now. It keeps you fit and healthy while you play your favourite game!
  • Wheelchair tennis- One might think that wheelchair tennis is going to be quite tedious for a disabled person because one has to move a lot. But nothing comes easy! You remain more fit and confident when you take the extra effort to move around. Wheelchair tennis was first introduced in 1970 by Brad Parks. Ever since then the game is popular in the disabled community. It is played just like tennis. The player can play individually, in doubles or even as a team. This sport is popular at paralympic events as well.
  • Wheelchair racing- This sport is popularly known as chairing. It is picking up at a fast pace amongst para athletes. You will have to face a few obstacles on your path only to break barriers and emerge more powerful! Specially designed wheelchairs are available for para sports. You can start off learning the sport at a centre near you or even buy your own exclusive wheelchair online!

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