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What makes this travel company so KHAAS? Read on to find out

KHAAS means special in Hindi and that sums up what this travel company is about. For one, it is managed completely by women. And two, they are all visually impaired.

The women here have been trained to be independent in every way - mentally and economically. Enabling them the founders hope, will also change attitudes towards disability. To show the world that given opportunity, support and recognition, people with disabilities can do well.

Akash Bhardwaj, founder of KHAAS, brings to the initiative 13 years of experience in the corporate sector.

Considering the fact that India has the largest population of blind people in the world, he decided to make a change, one person at a time.

My vision is to make India the first country in the world with the most number of disabled people working in the tourism and travel industry. - Akash Bhardwaj, Founder KHAAS.

The company is aiming to provide employment to 1500 visually impaired people by the year 2020. The company is also exploring micro-venture setups where KHAAS branches will operate in different parts of India. This will cut down long distance commutes for disabled employees and make it easier for them to work.

And that's not all that KHAAS does. KHAAS UPHAR is another initiative that allows visually impaired women to make gifts using their inner vision feelings, and thoughts.

KHAAS girls are trained to make gifts that promote their creativity and imagination and also helps them achieve economic independence.

It is not just the blind people who are benefitting through KHAAS. Monthly training modules organised by KHAAS offer skill training to people with various disabilities.

Around 30-40 disabled people take part in these 10-day sessions where they are taught about the basics of tourism and travel. This has helped many of them to get employed and even open their own ventures.

KHAAS is an amazing and unique concept and I am happy to have experienced the services offered by them. It is truly inspiring how Akash came up with this selfless idea of providing livelihood and dignity to people with disabilities. - Vishwadeep Pachauri, National Manager Hilton Hotel

Akash feels that there is no lack of potential amongst people with disabilities. All they need is the right support and a suitable platform to showcase their abilities.

To know more about KHASS click here!

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