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October is Attention Deficit Disorder Association awareness month! Here is some info about ADHD

October 3, 2018

October is observed as the awareness month for ADHD- Attention Deficit Disorder Association.

Events and activities are organized in India and across all parts of the world to let people know more about ADHD.

Lack of information about the disorder has given rise to several myths that create an inaccurate idea about ADHD in the minds of people.

ADHD is the most commonly found mental disorder among children. Children with ADHD can be hyperactive and are not able to control their impulses and emotions.

For parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, awareness and acceptance is important. It is also vital for parents to understand how to deal with ADHD and yet move on in life. Let the children grow and develop at their own pace and provide love and support. Rzhude David, Parent

ADHD affects the attention span of the affected person and thus interfere with their school and home life.

ADHD is more common in boys than in girls and is usually diagnosed in early school days. In children some of the common symptoms of ADHD are:

- Getting distracted easily

- Unable to follow directions or finish tasks

- Not able to focus on listening

- Unable to pay attention and making careless mistakes

- Forgetting about daily activities and organizing simple tasks

- Difficulty in sitting still and calm, fidgeting

- Tendency to daydream and losing stuff

To help a child with ADHD, both medication and therapy can be used. The child feels calmer with medication and through therapy can be taught about dealing with attention issues.

Early diagnoses can result in timely treatment and that in turn helps to make the life better for children with ADHD as they grow up.

Therapy and practice can help the person with ADHD to earn to control their impulses and finishing their tasks.

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