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Cooking show featuring blind moms wins many hearts

October 4, 2018

All are winners in season 3 of popular cooking show Zayka ka Tadka.

This season of the popular online cooking show took viewers into the kitchens of five visually impaired working women in Bengaluru. They cooked their signature dishes live, as they explained their method of working and the recipes to show host Apeksha Haldiya and the audience.

The unanimous verdict was that all five people featured deserved to be declared winners. Each one had a special quality and there was no comparison really. This was view of the judge, Shekhar Naik, as well as the majority of the audience. - Apeksha Haldiya, Host, Zayka ka Tadka

The concept of highlighting the abilities of visually impaired people seems to have struck a chord. The show creators plan to repeat this once in six months in different cities, if they get sponsorships.

"We recorded about 15 lakh impressions on Facebook and everyone has left comments that they were amazed and impressed", says Haldiya. "Many viewers said they were inspired by these women's attitudes, to see the many blessings life has to offer".

The idea of doing such a show was inspired by a conversation between Apeksha and former India blind cricket captain Shekhar Naik. Naik, who was the judge as well, is convinced that such shows will go a long way towards changing the way people look at disability.

"This is great motivation and inspiration for visually impaired moms. Many people are shocked that visually impaired people can cook and when they see such shows they realize that we are no less than others", says Naik. "All they need is opportunity, not sympathy."

Changing attitudes

Sentiments echoed by the participants, who said they are happy they got the opportunity to show the world what much visually impaired people are capable of.

Asha Shivraj, who works with the Employment State Insurance Corporation was among those went live with her preparation of chapati and potato korma. She was nervous at first but "later when I realized how many people had watched the show, I was happy. This is such a great way of showing that visually impaired people are as capable as the sighted".

The newfound fame is something many participants are happy about. Gangamma, a Bank of Baroda employee was thrilled to bits at a function when someone said she had watched her cook on the show. "I am feeling really special after that".

Indians love food and feeding others and this show's approach is catering to that passion and helping change the way people look at disability.

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