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GiftAbled Foundation joins hands with KRBAAS for a memorable Gandhi Jayanthi

October 7, 2018

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, everyone tries to do something for society, to remember the ideals of Bapuji. That was the sentiment that led a group of people from GiftAbled Foundation in Bengaluru when they celebrated the day at the KRBAAS centre, which supports people with spinal cord injuries.

Most of the people at KRBAAS met with spinal cord injuries due to accidents. Like a doctor of homeopathy who was injured when a stone roof fell on him. Another man fell from the roof while drying his clothes, and so on. All examples of how any one of us can suffer a disability at any time.

All those admitted at the centre are undergoing rehabilitation. Once their treatment is over, they will return homes.

It takes a lot of time for a person with spinal cord injuries to get rehabilitated. There is a lot of patience and support needed on the part of family members, therapists and caretakers. We wanted to do something for all of them and they were very firm that they did not want financial aid. So we decided to spend quality time with them. - Prarthana Kaul, Co-founder, GiftAbled Foundation.

Currently, there are 10 people at the centre. All of them enjoyed a day filled with music, laughter and fun. They loved the opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

"Most of the people here are from economically backward families. They cannot even afford medicines. Inspite of that, they did not want any financial aid. This amazed us. All they needed was to have a good time. Hope we could do that", added Prarthana.

This is indeed a beautiful way of celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi to spread message of love and hope. Just what Gandhiji taught the world.

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