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Learn sign language while you eat some great food at the Talking Hands cafe

October 6, 2018

As you enter Talking Hands in Hyderabad, many things strike you at once. The menu cards, mats and props at this restaurant are all in sign language. There is even a TV set that teaches you the basics of sign language.

What's even better is that most of their staff is made up of people who are hard of hearing.

The restaurant was started in 2017 by Sandeep, who is deaf. Given his firsthand experience of the struggles experienced by the community, he wanted to do something to help people.

With the support of Ramya Miryala, who is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sandeep started the venture. Miryala is actively involved with the organization Deaf Enabled Foundation for over a decade. Ramya's parents are deaf and she learned sign language as a child.

The concept of Talking Hands was first put forward by a bureaucrat and later given shape by the Telangana government, which decided to put it in practice. Apart from promoting tourism, many deaf people could earn their livelihood from this venture.

The premises in which we run the restaurant was provided to us by the government. Our customers are very happy when they talk about our restaurant. - Ramya Miryala, COO, Talking Hands.

At Talking Hands, customers can dine peacefully away from chaos, background music or even a live band to interrupt. Miryala says that the quietness draws many people.

Currently, there 26 staff members, of whom 19 are deaf. They do various roles, like serve customers, sit at cash counters, manage the store, prepare food and offer the best service.

"When we visit a foreign land, we try and learn their language. Why don't people do the same with sign language? It is very interesting and easy to learn. At Talking Hands', we are aiming to become role models in promoting sign language. We want our customers to try and communicate with us in sign language. After all, you will be learning something new", says Ramya.

People in Hyderabad, are you looking out to dine out this weekend? Head to 'Talking Hands' for some delicious food, great ambience and friendly services.

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