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Ummeed is dedicating October to creating awareness about mental health

Ummeed Child Development Centre was founded in the year 2001 with the aim of providing support and guidance to children with disabilities and their families.

Their primary focus has been on children with developmental disabilities. This is much needed given that India has 52 million children with such disabilities.

At Ummeed we believe in early intervention and urge parents to bring in their kids as soon as possible. We work with the child and family or caregivers on goals which will impact not only his or her development but also their functioning and participation in the family and community.- Gopika Kapoor, Senior autism therapist, Ummeed Child Development Centre

Through October Ummeed is carrying out a series of events and activities to create awareness about mental health.

The aim is to start a much needed conversation around the need for better mental health awareness in India. Talking about mental health in India is still taboo as there is a lot of stigma attached to it. This further aggravates the problem.

Ummeed is hoping to bring about a positive change so that people can express their inner thoughts and seek help without the feeling of shame or embarrassment.

There will be workshops, panel discussion and sessions for children and adults that will provide support and information about mental health and its impact on the life of people.

This is a great opportunity for people who are looking for a place to open up and converse about mental health.

You can also take part in the fun activities that are planned throughout October and make new friends. Letter writing workshop, book reading, handicrafts, performance evening and even a movie screening is on the charts in October at Ummeed.

"Workshops like these help people to open up about mental health, believes Aditi Shah, Junior Therapist, Mental Health Team,, Ummeed "These events are a great way of providing them the opportunity and space to talk about mental health and not feel judged or be treated with indifference."

For more details about the various workshops click here!

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