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Abhyan Centre steps in to lend a hand to disabled teenagers

October 16, 2018

As a clinical psychologist, Umakrishnan knew firsthand of the struggles faced by disabled children, especially in the turbulent teenage years. This led her to start a centre called Abhyan with the help of VV Krishnan and KR Kanakambal.

Abhyan has centres in Kerala and Bengaluru to ensure it has a wide reach. Teenagers and youth with autism, Down syndrome and other learning disabilities come here with those over 15 years of age coming in for special attention.

Teenagers and youngsters with disabilities need our help to stand on their own feet. I started in 2016 with just two students. I have done a lot of research on disabilities to reach out to more youngsters. I feel that awareness about disabilities is better in Bengaluru, while in Kerala, there is still a long way to go. The work must start from the grassroots level. - Umakrishnan, Co-founder, Abhyan.

Abhyan encourages children with disabilities to take up internships in fields that they like. This helps them learn more about the kind of opportunities that are available and makes them independent.

Going ahead, Abhyan plans to equip the Bengaluru centre with more resources. There is greater focus on research into different aspects of disabilities and catching up with trends on studies related to autism and other disabilities.

Abhyan also focuses on therapiesthat help disabled children go beyond the limitations their conditions bring.

Anubha Doshi, an art therapist, believes that such approaches are effective in helping disabled kids.

"Each child demands different therapies according to their disabilities. Therapies must be integrated in the daily curriculum. Undoubtedly, they are essential. Every special school practices therapies. That is a great way to help a disabled child," says Anubha.

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