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Jeeja Ghosh calls court verdict a victory for people with disabilities

Jeeja Ghosh, the passenger who took SpiceJet to court for offloading her just because of her disability, has called the Supreme Court verdict a victory for everyone with disabilities.

The court ordered the airlines to pay Rs 10 lakh in damages towards Ghosh for their insensitivity and callouness in asking her to leave the plane.

The court also said that apathy towards the problems of people with disabilities has made it difficult for them to lead a full life due to discrimination in employment, access to public spaces, transportation etc.

Ghosh was on her way to Goa from Kolkata in 2012 for an international conference when she was offloaded by SpiceJet because the captain felt uncomfortable with her condition. She had been invited to the conference as one of 15 international individuals to review an Indo-German project which was being showcased at the event.

After being seated on the flight, Ghosh was approached by members of the flight crew who requested to see her boarding pass. They then ordered her off the plane despite her protests.

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