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Animal lovers protest against decision to shoot down tigress Avni

October 17, 2018

Man has invaded forest lands, destroyed greens and habitats of wild animals. As a result, those handfuls of wild animals that are left back are struggling to survive and stay away from mankind. The ideal example is tigress Avni who lives in the forests of Yavatmal in Maharashtra. According to reports, she has killed 13 people in the last two years. Their bodies were found in the thickets where she lives. Now, the government and forest officials are up in arms against Avni and want her to be shot at sight!

This has infuriated animal lovers, activists and NGO's across India. They have come together to speak up for Avni, who reportedly has a few cubs as well. The petition on online platform change.org has already received over 54,000 petitions to save Avni. Social media is flooded with the hashtag #saveavni which is going viral. The requests are addressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ramnath Kovind and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

According to officials, Avni is a T1 tiger. Officials have been trying to kill her for the past two years. They even hired international hunters to spot and kill her. But all their efforts to find Avni have gone down the drains.

Last week, a protest was held at Carter Road in Mumbai to save Avni. Many celebrities and activists took part in the protest. Animal lovers in Hyderabad gathered at the Dog's park at Necklace road on Sunday to show their support for Avni and her cubs. Activists are just not ready to buy the government's stand of Avni being a threat to locals!

It is easy to kill a majestic animal after humans invade their lands. Undoubtedly, human lives matter too. But the government must be more sensitive. Activists are pointing out that Avni and her cubs must be tranquilised and moved to a safer place instead of killing these animals that are already in the verge of extinction.

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