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Check out these reasons to not miss out on Dandiya this Navratri

October 17, 2018

Navaratri is the time to have fun with friends and family. It is definitely not complete without some great food and dandiya. So if you are worried about putting on some extra kilos due to munching on yummy navratri sweets, shed out the extra fat by dancing to dandiya tunes! Did you know that people with disabilities can also take part in dandiya and have a great nine days of fun? All you need to do is practice a bit (which is also fun) and dance to your heart's content for all the nine days. There are some really funky Bollywood numbers that will make you sway to those tunes.

Sarbani Mallick is the founder of Biswagouri Charitable Trust, an NGO that works for the empowerment of disabled children in Bengaluru. They recently celebrated Navratri with lots of food and dance.

People from north, west and south celebrate navratri in different ways. We follow all of it for our clebrations! We also include families, siblings and friends of our children. We have a few children who have mobility issues. Even they are active part in our celebrations. Basically, humans are social animals. They want to be accepted as part of the community. Disabled children might have their limitations. But that is not a criteria to put them aside. Navratri is a time to keep aside our differences and celebrate together. We have our children playing dandiya and that gives them a lot of happiness and boosts their confidence- Sarbani Mallick, Founder, Biswagouri Charitable Trust.

Here are four health benefits of playing dandiya raas.

  • Helps to reduce fat. - Yes, you heard that right! Experts point out those nine days of dandiya is to equivalent to sweating it out at a gym. So if you are a wheelchair user, try and do some practice sessions and even create some new moves. Let more people get inspired by your dance numbers! It helps lose fat around the belly because there is a lot of twisting, turning and stretching.
  • Boosts confidence - We all know that working out and exercises makes us feel better. It helps in lifting your spirits. When we work out, body releases endorphins which help in positivity. It also helps in relaxing the mind and body. When you dance with your friends and family, you indeed have a great time! It is also an opportunity to make new friends and have some great social interactions.
  • Makes the body flexible- There is a lot of movement involved in dandiya raas. It is also a time to experiment with your body's flexibility. Did you know that dandiya is a great cardiovascular workout as well? So after nine days of dandiya, dance and fun, your body will also feel great.
  • Good for mental health - We all live in a competitive world. Everyone is in a race to earn money and buy the most expensive things. We often forget to spend happy times with friends and family. Navratri is the time to keep aside all your tensions and worries. Dandiya is the ideal way to bond with your loved ones. Apart from the practice sessions, you can create some new moves together. Your bonding is only going to get better. This in turn helps you to have better mental health since there is a lot of happiness, laughter and peace of mind.

Payal Jethra, who is a visually impaired banker, does not dance but attends every dandiya event as she loves the music.

"The music is what excites me for dandiya raas. I love when they dance wearing beautiful clothes and jewellery. I have not planned to go for a dandiya event this year. There are many happening close to my home and office. Maybe I will check one out one of them. The fun and excitement that fills the air during dandiyaa makes me feel great", says Payal.

Are you planning to hop in for dandiya? Make sure that you eat well and go. If you have a lot of fatty food, you will feel tired and will not enjoy dancing. Oranges, almonds, bananas, brown rice platter or sweet potatoes are some ideal foods that you can munch on before dancing.

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