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Staying fit with a disability is easy, here are some tips

October 18, 2018

Staying fit is extremely important for a healthy mind and body. A disability does not have come in the way of that. You can still work out and not feel limited by your disability. We have some great ideas for you

Thanks to technology and hi-tech equipment, disabled people can do the same exercises like able-bodied people. Just remember, the key is to keep pushing yourself. This will lead to better endurance, building strength and a healthy mind.

Pradeep Krishnan, a fitness trainer from Kochi, Kerala, says disabled people can do all the exercises that are done by people without disabilities. All they need is persistence and determination.

Wrap a lightweight resistance band under your chair and perform rapid resistance exercises such as chest pressing or stretching your hand. Simple weight punching with or without hand weights is an easy cardio exercise that can be done while seated. Seated dips, push ups, biceps, triceps and squats can be done by people with all kinds of disabilities. We have some great hydraulic machines that help disabled people to stay fit. So if a person does not have movement of legs, they can always use their hands. Times have changed. Disabled people can work out with ease at gyms and training centres- Pradeep Krishnan, Fitness Trainer.

Check out these four awesome and fun physical exercises that you can do from home.

  • Sit to stand - This is one of the easiest exercises that you can do while seated on your chair, couch, or bed. Sit on a chair and then stand up straight, and make sure that you keep your posture straight. Keep doing this for at least 20 times. It helps in increasing lower body strength and stability. If you are a wheelchair user, pull yourself up the chair and put force on your legs.
  • Cardiovascular exercises - It is extremely important to keep your heart fit and healthy. Cardiovascular exercises help in increasing your heart rate and endurance. Stationary cycling and swimming are great ways to pump up your heart. People who have mobility issues must try water aerobics.
  • Flexibility exercise - Do you practice yoga? If not, then hire a trainer and start now. You can figure out a seat of asanas that suit your specific needs and challenges.

Sarath PS is a wheelchair user and an entrepreneur. Sarath hardly gets time to work out due to his busy schedule. But he claims that running his own business keeps him on his feet.

"I really do not have to go to a gym because I do a lot of physical work at my shop. This has physically helped me a lot as well. Usually paraplegic people who have limited mobility have digestive and urinary problems. Urine is usually uncontrollable. But staying fit helps you to stay away from such problems. Now that I do a lot of physical work, I don't face problems", says Sarath.

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