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An informative ‘Career Planning’ session for visually impaired people

Are you a visually impaired person looking for a job? Do you have questions about how to get started?

To sort about doubts like how to write a resume, or prepare for interviews, or even ask for that promotion, there is some help.

The Blind Graduates Forum of India (BGFI) is holding an open house discussion that will cover some of these and other job-related questions.

- Preparing for the first job and interview.

- How to go for move up into a better position at work.

- How to advance in your career and grow laterally and exponentially.

Called Knowledge Sharing Session on Career Planning, the session aims to offer practical help and suggestions to visually impaired people regarding career growth.

For many people with disabilities, getting a job can be very challenging. While private and public sectors are now becoming more aware about the abilities of and skills of disabled people, some challenges and biases persist.

For instance, while a disabled person might land a job, promotions or career growth can become a challenge with many deserving candidates missing out .

The BGFI session hopes to converse about these challenges faced, both while looking for a job, and later at the workplace.

The session will be held in Mumbai on 27 October and will be addressed by visually impaired professionals working in different sectors.

The BGFI is a nonprofit organization and organizes various activities to empower people with visual impairments.

Sadaf Khan, who is a private sector employee says, "People from all areas and sectors will join us, including students and working professionals, public and private sector employees. The session wants to provide guidance to those seeking first-time employment. Dealing with disability-related discrimination at workplace will also be discussed."

The session will be used to give useful information to visual impaired people about career planning.

Some of the main topics that will be covered are as follows

  1. How to land your first job with or without the help of campus placements?

  2. How to navigate your way through the accessibility and behavioral challenges at work?

  3. How to identify your strengths and focus on those to progress in the organization and make the best of the available opportunities?

  4. How to keep yourself relevant in this rapidly changing era of technical advancement through learning new skills?

  5. How to develop effective professional network and use it to your advantage?

  6. How to find and make a lateral move once you get a job?

  7. How do job search portals such as Naukri.com and professional Network such as LinkedIn work?

    Participants can also ask questions and seek clarifications for any doubts that they may have.The session will be attended by visually impaired and blind people who are working and also those who are looking for employment.

The session will be informative and interactive for participants. We will share the basics of work culture and how to be confident in your career and move forward. We aim to empower visually impaired people as knowledge is power and can go a long way in making them independent. - Santosh Salian, BGFI

So, don't miss out on this rare opportunity to get the right advice from those who know what they are talking about.

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