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Trending stories on Newzhook this week!

October 20, 2018

Dear readers, this Dussehera Newzhook has come out in a new look! Did you take a look at the new additions on your much loved website! Do you have a question or issue related to disability, if yes then please do ask questions and Inclusion Strategist Bhavna will answer them for you.

Here are the trending stories of the week for you. Indian para players gave an exceptional performance at the 2018 Asian Para Games with 72 medals and were honored by Prime Minister Modi back home. The para badminton player's team won an amazing 9 medals.

This week Navratri was celebrated in India and people enjoyed inclusive 'garba' and 'dandiya'. Sign language exams may soon be introduced for students with hearing disabilities as the National Institute of Open Schooling is considering the option strongly.

Braile has been added to the packaging of Savlon disinfectants. Isn't that a positive step onwards towards inclusion! Hope more brands will follow suit.

Jilumol Mariet Thomas from Kerala is fighting the system for a driver's license. She is being denied as she has no hands but still wants to lead an independent life.

If you want to feature your inspiring story or share an event with the disabled community. Write to us at editor@newzhook.com.

Want to feature your inspiring story or share an event with the disabled community? Write to:

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