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Understanding the Learning Disability - Dyscalculia

Many children and adults have Learning Disabilities that affect the way they learn and perform some activities. The disorders are caused due to neurological factors. There are several types of Learning Disabilities or LDs, but there is little awareness or support in mainstream schools, which can be quite hard for the affected student.

For children with LDs life is hard as most times there is lack of support from teachers at school. Other students also bully and tease the student concerned and this isolates them further. A little more effort by the teachers, and awareness among other students can help children with LD a lot. To be treated with dignity, respect and be given equal opportunities is the right of every child. - Kalpana Pande, Parent of child with LD

In this article, we share with you information about Dyscalculia, which is one type of LD. It is also known as mathematics disorder or mathematics learning disability.

Dyscalculia is a very specific learning disability that only affects the ability of a person to understand numbers and learn math concepts.

People with dyscalculia find it challenging to learn and understand math symbols, telling time, counting, etc.

The disorder can have a huge impact on the life of a person as math is not just needed in the classroom, but in everyday life as well.

It can become quite frustrating when it affects the ability to carry out basic tasks like adding up grocery bills or telling the time. The affected people are not able to understand concepts like patterns or quantities.

It has been found that 43-65% of kids with this disorder also have Dyslexia, which is a reading disability.

Causes of Dyscalculia

Some of the factors are genes, improper brain development, brain injury, and environmental factors.


Dyscalculia is a lifelong condition and has no definite cure. There is no medication either.

However, special educators and special teaching methods can be used to help the child do well in math. The child can be taught about math by using real life examples, different teaching tools and methods.

Learning disorders can make education very challenging for children. Not being able to perform like other kids at school can also affect their self-confidence.Special educators, coaching, different methods of giving instructions and a lot of patience needs to be employed to help the children cope with LDs. - Subhasish Dutta, Parent of child with LD

Of late, the education system in India is trying to be more sensitive to the needs of children with learning disabilities during exams. They are being given extra time in exams, allowed the use of calculators, as well as other exemptions. What is needed is for a larger inclusive approach that goes beyond looking at their needs during exams alone.

It is important for teachers to be aware of LDs so that they can provide the much needed support and guidance to the children. Due to lack of awareness many children face stigma and discrimination in their academic life as their disability is not recognized in time.

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