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Check out these fun sports for blind people

India's excellent showing at the recent Asian Para Games has brought much needed focus and attention to para sports. There is now growing awareness that people with disabilities can play and excel at any sport given the opportunity and support.

Shekhar Naik, former captain of the Indian blind cricket team, who is widely credited with taking the game to great heights of popularity in India. He says that in the early says there was little awareness or support, but things have changed now.

It is a great sport that makes you feel good. Blind people are equal to people without disabilities. We do not have to be treated differently. We can excel in all sports and bring home trophies for our country. - Shekhar Naik, Former blind cricket captain, India

More importantly, the attention to para sports has shown that being disabled should come not in the way of being physically fit. In fact, pushing yourself physically helps overcome many of the challenges that disability brings.

Not just cricket, there are many sports that can be played by people with disabilities. Check out these fun options.

  • Football - This popular sport is a favourite amongst people from across the globe. India has many accessible football courts. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. Also, this recreational sport helps you shed weight and is ideal to beat stress as well.
  • Cricket - This sport needs no introduction in India. Every international cricket matches are looked up to with lots of excitement by fans across the country. The Indian cricket team has always brought home laurels. Same is the case of blind cricket team as well. India is home to some talented and skilled blind cricketers who have made the country proud. Do you love cricket? Then look no further. Play this game to your heart's fill. Who knows, maybe you might be the next blind cricketer who is going to make India proud!
  • Swimming - Our cities have many sports clubs that teach swimming. This is a great sport and recreational activity which is good for the overall well-being of a person. It keeps both your mind and body at peace. Are you a blind person who would love to go for swimming? You can try some simple techniques like dividing lanes with ropes to stay oriented. Brightly coloured markers can help people with low vision to be more focused. So no matter what techniques you use, make sure that you have lots of fun inside the pool!
  • Running - This sport is one of the most popular ones amongst blind people. Many have showcased their talents in running at Paralympics events. While some people can run independently without help of a guide, some others might need assistance of sighted guides. Running helps you to stay focused and also helps to burn calories.

Vineet Saraiwala, a visually impaired marathoner has over five marathons to his credit. He says taking part in such events has been life altering in many ways.

" Most of the times, people with disabilities choose to stay indoors. They do not realise the importance of having a healthy body and mind. For that, you need good physical exercises. I love running, and it makes me feel great. It is also a confidence booster. You need to start participating in sports to know how awesome it feels", says Vineet.

Blind people can also check out sports like cycling, rowing and bowling. These are fun and help you in your overall well-being. It is very important that every person practices some sport to stay fit. So what is your choice of sport?

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