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Some tips to manage the workplace for adults with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition where the person will be extremely hyperactive and cannot control their emotions and impulses. But that does not mean that they will not be able to excel at schools or workplaces. If given the right guidance, their skills can be put to maximum use. Many adults with ADHD are employed in multi-national companies, private and government sectors. Some of them run their own businesses too!

So how can a person with ADHD excel at their workplace? It is not a tedious task. Good focus, speed and attention to details can help them a lot. Basically, channel all your time and energy on focusing on the strengths.

Sarbani Mallick is the founder of Biswagouri Charitble Trust in Bengaluru.

People with ADHD have a lot of energy which must be released. So make sure that the person engages in a lot of physical activity. For instance, they can climb stairs instead of using the lift to get to office. Cycling to work is a good way to release physical energy. So try and cycle to your work place. Take occasional deep breaths when you feel stressed out. People with ADHD must take regular breaks that help them ease out. People with ADHD also tend to get anxious a lot. So keep a look out on it- Sarbani Mallick.

Here are a few tips for adults with ADHD to manage their workplace

  • Know your strengths- Having a disability do not mean that you must not be accepted. It only shows how you well you can beat the disability to emerge successful in life. When you work somewhere along with people who do not have disabilities, chances are high that they might try to sideline you. One must understand that every human being has their strengths and weaknesses. So if you face some kind of harassment based on your disability, ignore that and focus on your strengths. All of us come across people who try to pull you down. Just don't let that take over you!
  • Take frequent breaks- Working for over eight hours day is tiring. So if your job demands you to sit on your desk for long hours, ensure that you take occasional short breaks. You can even plan out these breaks before you start your day. Try going for bathroom breaks, sip a cup of coffee or maybe go out to breathe some fresh air. This can help you rejuvenate and feel less tired.
  • Be very transparent- Are you trying to hide your disability from your colleagues? You do not have to do that. Every human being is unique and comes with flaws and positives. Have open chats with your colleagues about disability. That way, even they will get a detailed insight into how you feel about things in office.
  • Planning and accuracy matters- Have you tried keeping a notepad to write down things you have to do for the day? It really helps. In every job, planning and accuracy is what helps you to succeed. There are day planners available in provision stores. Buy one of them and note down what you need to do for the day. This helps you avoid a lot of confusion and unnecessary hassles as well. Make checklists and check them off as you complete it. Do not forget to keep your desk or cubicle neat, tidy and free of unwanted materials!

Sharda Ram who is the founder of the NGO Aarambh has reached out to many children and adults with ADHD.

"Most importantly, people with ADHD must have some ways to release their energy. I have noticed that people with ADHD excel in sports. So if they get into a career based on that, will be ideal! The work must be structured and predictable as well", say Sharda.

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