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8th Maharashtra Deaf Conference will be held soon. Know more.

The State Level Association of the Deaf (SLAD) in Maharashtra has been working tirelessly for the empowerment of deaf people.

SLAD is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. It aims to raise awareness about the rights of deaf people and to ensure that they are treated as equals in society.

Various state and national level programs are organized to bring deaf people together on a common platform and create an inclusive society.

One such event will be held in November 2018 and SLAD member are eagerly preparing for it.

The 8th MDC - Maharashtra Deaf Conference - 2018 will be held in Thane, on 25 November. For this event, the SLAD is collaborating with the Omkar Karnabadhir Vikas Sanstha based in Dombivli, Maharashtra.

Deaf leaders from all over Maharashtra will attend the conference and share their views and insights. Discussions will be held about dealing with inequality, discrimination and ignorance that affects the life of thousands of deaf people in the state.

SLAD has been active in raising crucial issues with the local authorities and state government regarding the welfare of deaf community of Maharashtra.

I need that the society should become more broadminded & accept deaf people as they are. We should have one inclusive society for all. People should not see or predict us as differently, we want to be treated as common people. Our very big barrier is communication so we need more barrier free space so that we can communicate without any hassle. Jaysing Kale, Joint Secretary, SLAD

The conference aims to analyze the various government policies that have an impact on the people deaf community. It will also take a look at the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 as per the needs of the deaf community.

Information will be shared at the conference though discussions & presentations by the speakers.

Pradeep More, General Secretary, SLAD shared his views with Newz Hook about why meet ups like this are vital.

"Conferences like these are very important especially for the deaf community because being deaf they are not much aware that's what's happening around them. So we conduct this conference every year, so that people in the community get awareness about the recent happenings within the community, to make them aware about their rights, what the government is doing for the deaf community, and what SLAD is doing for the community etc. SLAD is affiliated to 27 districts of Maharashtra so by this mean we try to provide maximum knowledge to big cities as well as to the small villages too. Because we believe unity is very important in the deaf community."

More also spoke about the need for government action. He said, "First of all the government has to understand the meaning of inclusion. In Maharashtra, the government is doing nothing for the deaf community. We want that government should consider our demands to having Indian Sign Language as our mother tongue, to get education in sign language, and our demand to get opportunity for employment etc to have inclusive society."

Around 200 deaf people will attend the event and it is also hoped that they will unite through the means of the conference and work towards mutual development and growth.

For more information about the conference click here

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