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Some makeup tips for blind people to look great this Diwali

Everybody loves to look beautiful and attractive. With the festive season round the corner, we have family and friends coming over to celebrate. This is the time when we must wear the best clothes and look great.

We have a lot of makeup brands available in the market today. Makeup is an art and every skin type is different. Hence, knowing your skin type and choosing makeup accordingly is important.

We have a lot of national and internally acclaimed blind fashion bloggers and YouTube video experts who talk about how blind people can apply makeup with ease.

Simran Chawla, pageant winner Princess India 2017 shares a few tips to look gorgeous for this Diwali.

I love to dress up and wear makeup but too much spoils the beauty of it. When you apply foundation, try and spread it all over your face evenly so that only one part of your face does not look done heavily with makeup. I apply Kajal whenever I go outdoors, and I do it by counting. So if I'am applying Kajal thrice on my right eye, I apply the same number on my left eye too! I apply lipsticks only on special occasions. I do the same numbering trick while applying lipstick on my upper and lower lip as well- Simran Chawla, Princess India 2016

Check out these makeup tips for blind people to look your best this festive season

  • Choose creams over powders- So for a person with our without a disability, choosing face creams over compact powders are a better option. If you are going for a function where your makeup needs to be too evident, then powders do the trick. If you want to keep it simple, then face creams are ideal. Moreover, you can apply creams easily with your fingers. Hence, there is minimal hassle. Tap a little on your finger and gentle massage throughout your face.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help - Blind people are great problem solvers, and can do things on their own. But if you need some makeup tips, do not hesitate to ask a friend or take professional advice. So when you go to buy makeup, try and talk to professionals at the counter. There are many YouTube video channels and fashion bloggers who give tips on how blind people can look great with makeup!
  • Smartphone cameras can work as magnifying glass - Yes, you heard that right! Smartphone cameras are a great magnifying glass, especially for people with low vision. Zoom in your camera to get intricate details right. For instance, you can check whether your mascara has spread over your eyes by zooming in your smartphone camera.
    • Do not overdo your makeup- Too much of anything can spoil the beauty of it. For a person with our without a disability, excessive makeup ruins the beauty of the art. So whether you are attending a function or going for work, keep it simple so that you look elegant and classy. If you think that you have overdone your makeup, check out hacks on how to make it even.

    Kritica Purohit was the finalist at a beauty contest and she too believes simple is best.

    "Blind people must be extra cautious while wearing makeup. They must also be comfortable with the products and it must be accessible. For instance, mascaras are something which is not easily accessible to a blind person. You always need help when you wear mascara because chances are high of it smudging all over your eyes when you do it on your own. So do for what is comfortable. You can always consult professionals who will guide you through the right path in applying makeup", says Purohit.

    Wear your favourite clothes and follow these tips to look your best this Diwali!

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