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Tigress Avni shot dead at Yavatmal in Maharashtra

November 4, 2018

Tigress Avni, who was categorised under T1, was killed on Friday. According to reports, she had killed over 13 people in the past two years at Yavatmal in Maharashtra. In September, the Supreme Court of India had given order for the tigress to be shot at sight. This had created a lot of fury among animal activists, and a lot of protests were done in different parts of India. Over 50,000 people had signed online petitions asking the Supreme Court to withdraw the order to kill Avni. But the forest department was stern on the tigress being killed.

Over the past few months, officials were on a hunt to find Avni. Trap cameras, drones, sniffer dogs and hang gliders were used to find her. The forest department had deployed over 100 people to ensure that Avni does not enter the village. Avni was shot by Hyderabad based sharp shooter Nawab Shafath Ali Khan's son Asgarh around 11 pm on Friday.

Social media users condemned the killing of Avni.

Sad Day.China has reversed Ban on Tiger/Rhino products for medicinal uses.While on home ground Despite all efforts,#Avni has been shot dead by the hunters, a leopard killed in Hit in run in Virar,Idiocy Reigns.Losing battle for our wildlife in Man Politics and Animal conflict- Raveena Tandon, Bollywood actor

Bombay High Court's Nagpur Bench admitted a petition that asked to not kill Avni. Instead, she was supposed to be tranquilised and released in a national park. In spite of that, the tigress was killed by officials.

"Feeling so angry and helpless! In spite of the nation pleading and protesting...how could they kill instead of tranquilizing? #Avni.. may you rest in peace. Over to karma...it'll do its thing", tweeted Sonia Chopra

Six year old Avni was also the mother of two cubs. Her post mortem was conducted at Nagpur's Gorewada Rescue Centre.

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