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Things to keep in mind when you date a person with Down syndrome

November 4, 2018

All love stories are beautiful. Some are heart wrenching. When you hear them, you may even shed a few tears. Love is all about sharing, caring, patience and understanding. So if find that in a partner, hold on to that person.

Stepping into the world of dating is not easy for people with or without disabilities. We have heard many beautiful stories of people with Down syndrome dating and getting married. Like any relationship, dating someone with Down syndrome (DS) comes with its owns et of challenges, but if there is love, there is a way.

Dr Nima Vaidya's daughter Palak has Down syndrome and she believes in giving the 25-year-old detailed insight about dating.

People with DS are extremely affectionate and loving. They have some great social skills too. Hence, they connect easily with everyone. It is very important that they have a clear idea about companionship with a person of another gender. Unfortunately in India, meeting new people and finding a partner on your own is still a taboo. It remains the same with people who have Down syndrome as well. - Dr Nima Vaidya, Parent to child with DS

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you date with DS.

  • Get to know the other person better - Spend time together and build a bond. You might find your soulmate in the new person that you meet, irrespective of whether they are disabled or not. Give them and yourself a chance to explore each other better.
  • Choose activities to do together - There are no specific rules that going on a date is all about candlelight dinners or movies. A couple can always indulge in some fun activities together. It can be cycling, dancing, walk at a park or even some games that both of you like! That way, you need not involve in too many conversations. You can focus on the activity that makes you both feel great about.
  • Do not take no's too personally- When you like a person, chances are equal that they might say a yes or no to your proposal. So if they say a no, do not take that personally. You still have a lot of people to meet. You never know where your soul mate is going to be. So keep trying and do not be disheartened at rejections.

In the case of Usha Menon, who has a 26-year-old daughter with Down syndrome, safety is what matters the most.

"People with Down syndrome get along with everyone easily. So chances are high that this social skill can be misused. My daughter knows very clearly when someone approaches her in a bad way. Till now, she has not dated anyone. But if she meets a new person, safety is going to be my main concern," says Menon.

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