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3D printed smart glasses help the blind identify colours, faces & text

A Polish organization called Parsee has designed a pair of 3D printed smart glasses for the blind and people with other visual impairments.

The technology uses text, face, shape, and color recognition to provide audio information to the user through a headphone.

The technology is free and easy to get and could significantly improve the lives of blind and visually impaired people. Smart glasses already exist but are expensive and are not specifically designed for blind people.

Parsee's glasses are made up of a simple 3D printed frame, rechargeable battery, IP camera, and headphone. All users have to do is wear the frames, and press the photo button when seeing objects or words. The frames will then communicate with a connected mobile device via a special hotspot, which sends audio information back to the frames to help identify text, color, shapes, and faces.

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