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Some life lessons when you raise a child with Down syndrome

November 8, 2018

A disability is never end of the tunnel. It is just a chance to explore and start off with new beginnings. Children with Down syndrome are great with social skills. Undoubtedly, that is their biggest strength as well. If you have a child with Down syndrome, try and nurture this life skill.s

When you have a disabled child, you need to be a little more cautious about the world around them. As a parent, you must also ensure that your child gets nothing lesser but the best.

We have hundreds of children, teenagers and adults with Down syndrome who work in the field of arts, corporate companies and even run their own businesses. All successful people have a great family which has stood with them and supported them through thick and thin. Parents must teach their child certain life skills in order to make sure that they excel in their future.

Reena Varma's 24 year old daughter Aditi Verma has Down syndrome, and she runs her own cafe in Mumbai!

I have taken care of Aditi just like how any parent would do with their children who does not have any disabilities. She has always done things on her own. Just that she takes some more time when compared to others. So you will have to be a little more patient. When Aditi was hardly 10 years old, she started developing an interest towards cooking. She was an ardent fan of Masterchef programme as well. In a couple of years, she started cooking on her own. She used to make special dishes for our birthdays, all on her own! She also got good vocational training from her teachers at school. That has helped her too- Reena Verma, Mother of girl with Down syndrome.

Check out these life lessons that can help you when you raise a child with Down syndrome

  • Respect and accept your child for who they are- Every human being is unique in their own ways. A disability does not determine a person, or what they can and cannot do. When you give birth to a baby with Down syndrome, they are very much part of your family and resembles your family in umpteen ways! Focus on your child's life and not on their disability.
  • Find some good doctors and therapists- When your child has Down syndrome, they will need regular therapy sessions which can even be lifelong. Medical science is much advanced, and you will find therapies and medications that will be of immense help to your child. For instance, when they get a fever or cold, their medications might be different. So make sure that your child has a good doctor and therapist who can be relied on.
  • Focus on their strengths- Every child is gifted and talented in some way or the other. Being a parent of a child with Down syndrome, you must focus on their strengths. For instance, if they love cooking, try and help them work more on it. Who knows, they might even run a hotel in the future! It is extremely important that you build your child's strengths into something useful.
  • Communication is important- Some children with Down syndrome might have difficulties in speech. Therapies can help them to a large extent. But try and teach them something new so that they can communicate better. For instance, teach them sign language. This is a great way to communicate. Children with Down syndrome love to communicate a lot since they are great with social skills. Provide them the right platform to express what they feel.

Shikha Goel's four year old daughter Saandi Goel has Down syndrome.

"Many parents might be confused about how to raise a child with Down syndrome. One of the main things is to accept your child for who they are. Rest everything falls in place. I also ensure that my daughter goes to a good doctor and therapist which is very important", says Shikha Goel.

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