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21 disabilities under RPWD 2016 – Autism Spectrum Disorder

As part of our series about the 21 disabilities that are covered under the RPWD ACT 2016, today we will talk about Autism Spectrum Disorder- ASD.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder

A developmental disorder, it affects communication skills and social behaviour. People with ASD may have other related disorders that affect various aspects of their lives. Every person with ASD may exhibit different symptoms and levels of severity.

Millions of children across the world are affected by ASD and face challenges throughout their lives.

Diagnoses and symptoms.

The symptoms of Autism spectrum disorder can appear at a very early age. Here are some common signs.

  1. Body language is different from others such as avoiding eye contact or lack of appropriate expressions.
  2. Not being interested in other people.
  3. Not being interested in sharing activities or interests with others.
  4. Unable to communicate with others by initiating conversations. Seeming isolated and aloof.
  5. Lack of understanding about emotions and feelings of other people.
  6. Showing aversion to being touched.
  7. Difficulty in making friends with people of the same age groups\
  8. Repetitive behavior

Apart from the above, there can be a variety of other behaviors shown by people with ASD. There is no one standard test that can be used for the diagnoses of ASD. The use of multiple evaluations and tests may be necessary to identify the disorders.

Children with ASD are often misunderstood and not treated fairly by teachers, peers and society. Creating awareness and talking about the symptoms can help people understand the needs of children with ASD.- Caroline Jega, parent of child with autism & SCAN member

Types of Autism spectrum disorder

Here are some most common types of ASD

  • Autism
    • Asperger's syndrome
      • Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)
    • Cure for Autism spectrum disorder

      There is no cure for ASD, however, behavior and communication treatments can be sued to manage the symptoms. Various therapy and training methods can also help the children overcome communication barriers.

      Creating awareness about autism and other disabilities among students is crucial for acceptance. Information will help other kids to understand the children with disabilities and create inclusive classrooms. Sneha Reddy, parent

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