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Lalu Yadav’s son files for divorce, claims marriage was for political gain

November 6, 2018

The news that Lalu Prasad Yadav's son Tej Pratap has filed for divorce is making headlines. Details of his troubled marriage are coming out in the news everyday.

Tej Pratap, eldest son of the Rashtriya Janata Dal chief, got married to Aishwarya Rai in May this year. He is also a former Bihar minister.

Although Aishwarya and other family members of the Yadav family are quiet about the divorce, Tej Pratap has been vocal and sharing his side of the story with the media.

He claims that he was not interested in getting married to Aishwarya and was forced to by his family. He said he has filed for divorce as he has compatibility issues with his wife.

He claims that Aishwarya has a modern outlook while he has a rural background and upbringing and is therefore not able to get along with her.

Aishwarya completed her post-graduation from a Delhi College while Tej Pratap stopped his studies after class 11.

Tej Pratap recently said that his wedding to Aishwarya Rai was arranged solely for political benefits of his family and party.

Aishwarya Rai is also from a political family and is the daughter of former RJD minister Chandrika Rai and granddaughter of former Bihar CM Daroga Rai.

After the marriage, as expected, we had spats and bitter conflicts on several occasions. - Tej Pratap Yadav

Lalu Prasad Yadav is currently serving term in a Ranchi Jail and it is being hoped that he will be able to dissuade his son from going ahead with the divorce.

While Lalu is in jail, the party matters are being taken care of by his youngest son Tejashwi Yadav. His elder brother, Tej Pratap is reported to have very little interest in politics and is aspiring to be a movie actor.

People on social media had mixed reactions to the news. Ankita Lal‏ tweeted," Tej Pratap Yadav has filed for divorce from his wife Aishwarya Rai. Good riddance for the girl. God knows why she, being an MBA graduate, married him in the first place!"

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