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Career choices for people with autism

People with autism tend to have social and communication skills that can come in the way of building a career. There are some great therapies that can help address this.

Did you know that Charles Darwin and actors Dan Harmon, Daryl Hannah are some famous people who were diagnosed with autism in their childhood? People with autism do things with a lot of passion and dedication. That is precisely the reason they can excel in jobs that they like. Do you know someone with autism who is looking out to build a career?

Himabindu Gattu is the founder of Abhilasha Research Centre for Children with Special Needs in Hyderabad.

I have noticed that people with autism excels in computer-based jobs like web based and multimedia. Since they lack social skills, they prefer working on their own. It is always best to respect their choices- Himabindu Gattu, Co-founder, Abhilasha Research Centre for Children with Special Needs

Check out these jobs areas where people with autism can excel

  • Journalism - Journalism is all about reporting facts as it is. But today, that is exactly what most of our journalists lack. Media houses that favour individuals and political parties only give out a biased version of the real story to masses! That is why people with autism need to try out this career more. Those who have autism just cannot lie about anything. Hence, when they are asked to report a certain news, they do it genuinely and unbiased. Today, we have many people with autism who are trying their luck in this profession. So if the person loves reporting, then the job of a journalist is ideal!
  • Telemarketer - Most people with autism prefer having minimal communication with people. But there are some others who love interaction. For them, job of a telemarketer would be ideal. Telemarketing has a certain script that is followed, and this is something much appreciated by people with autism. They love sticking on to a pattern and not deviate. Today, we have thousands of BPO companies that works on telemarketing. Employees are paid really well, and there is a lot of scope for growth in career.
  • Animal related jobs- Yes, you heard that right! We all know that animals are a great source of therapy for children with disabilities. Most of them find solace and companionship with their furry friends. So why not make a career out of it? Some of the options available are pet groomer, dog trainer, veterinary technician, pet sitters and even work on farms. That way, they need to spend less time with humans and more time with animals. These jobs pay you well too.
  • Computer related jobs- There are many computer experts who are diagnosed with autism. Some people with autism are really good with computers because they have their own space and can experiment and explore with what they are doing. There is minimal communication with other people. So jobs like computer operators and entering data into systems are some great career options!

Smrithi Rajesh has a son who has autism. Smrithi feels that children with autism can easily excel in career that they are passionate about.

"Each individual is different and their choices vary. Since they have minimal ability to communicate, it is best to look out for a job that does not involve too much communication and interaction. But nowadays, due to early intervention programmes, many children improve their social skills as well. I believe a person's career choice is totally up them. You never know what kind of jobs they can excel in", says Rajesh.

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