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Want to stay active? Check out these sports for disabled people

A disability is never the roadblock to follow your dreams. It is a challenge which you need to take up to show the world your talents and skills. Today, we have many disabled sportsmen and para athletes who have proved their expertise in Paralympics and other events. They have shown the world that a disabled person can carry off any responsibility on their shoulders with ease. All that it takes is lot of practice and determination.

India is home to some world renowned para sportsmen and para athletes. Their determination and passion for games are awe inspiring!

Neeraj George is a para badminton player who had to amputate his left limb due to bone cancer. But George's love for badminton knew no boundaries. He has brought home laurels at national and international platforms. Neeraj plays badminton with a crutch.

I was always interested in the game since childhood. I decided to take it up seriously in 2007, almost a decade after my limb was amputated. Even though I started it off as a physical activity to sweat out extra calories, badminton is now close to my heart. Life is a game with a lot of challenges. Right from mobility to handling gestures from others is a challenge- Neeraj George, Para badminton player

Are you a disabled person who wants to get introduced to a sport? We have some great tips for you

  • Swimming- This is one of the most popular sports that helps you stay active, healthy and fit. So whether you are deaf or blind person or has a spinal injury, swimming is ideal for you. You might have to undergo special training sessions that suit your body. Ensure that you get your lessons under the guidance of a trained expert. Did you know that adaptive swimming does not need many special modifications? It is almost similar to how a person without a disability swims.
  • Sitting Volleyball- This is one interesting sport for disabled people, especially those on wheelchairs. Sitting volleyball has been recognised by the International Paralympic Committee. This sport is catching up in India too. We have some great sitting volleyball players in India who are excellent trainers as well!
  • Golf- Wondering how a disabled person plays golf? It is no hard task. People with disabilities can easily play adaptive golf with the right sports equipments. So whether you are paraplegic, a blind or deaf person or has any other disability, do not worry. Get hold of the right trainers and right equipments.
  • Cycling- This sport helps in the overall mental and physical well-being of a person. There are many modified bikes available in the market that helps you to follow this sport with ease. Tricycles are most commonly used by people with various kinds of disabilities. Indian market is flooded with some great cycle brands that manufacture good tricycles.

Prince Durairaj is a para volleyball player and secretary of the Para Volleyball Association of Coimbatore. Their team specialises in the game of sitting volleyball.

"Unlike how people without disabilities play volleyball, we play sitting volleyball. We undergo rigorous practice sessions and they are fun. Our team has already won many accolades for Tamil Nadu", says Prince Durairaj

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