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Some shopping tips for blind people

The festive season just got over. Most of us had a week long celebrations with family and friends over at our homes. Now is the time to get back to your feet and start shopping for your daily groceries and other items. Are you a blind person who is planning to go shopping? For a blind person, shopping will be slightly different because you need to plan things carefully.

If you just want a couple of items, you can walk into the store and ask for it to the shop assistant. But if you have a longer list, prepare yourselves well. Today, we have a lot of neighbourhood grocery stores that deliver things at your doorstep. Online shopping is also very popular. Blind people can make maximum use of these facilities.

Penav Mota is a blind law student who has a few tips to share when a blind person goes shopping.

One of the most important things that I would suggest is to take a person along with you for assistance. When you have a person who is not blind along with you, things are easier. If the shop is accessible and disabled friendly, it is OK. Also, when you buy something, you must have a clear idea of what you have picked up and not end up with the wrong item. This can be done by seeking for the help of an assistant in the shop. When you are a blind person, there are higher chances of people cheating you. Do not let that happen. If you have any doubts, you can always video call your family or a friend to get assistance. Also make sure that you do not break things of hurt anyone while shopping- Penav Mota, Blind Law Student

Here are some shopping tips for blind people

  • Plan ahead- This is one of the most important tips that will ensure that you have a great shopping experience. This is of help especially when you have a lot of items to buy. Note down the items that you want to buy on your mobile or on a notepad. Also, try and buy perishable items towards the end so that they are not kept in room temperature for a longer time. Ensure that you clearly plan your transportation mode to and from the shop. It is always best to choose a vehicle with air conditioner so that your items don't perish fast.
  • Try and take a companion- Is one of your friends of family member free to accompany you for shopping? Then nothing like it! This is even more helpful if you are going shopping for clothes or items that need your preferences. They can help you sort out the items clearly. For instance, if you wanted a black T-shirt with a few designs, your companion will understand it better than a shop assistant. If you want only a couple of items to be picked up, you can always ask your family member or friend to pick it up on their way home.
  • Get a shopping assistant- So if you prefer to go alone, you can do that. But make sure that you get the help of a shopping assistant, who is a staff at the store. You can walk-in to any store and ask for a helper who will help you choose the right items. You must make it a point only to visit a disabled friendly super market that will offer this facility.
  • Organize your money- This tip is very important when you plan to go shopping alone. Make sure your coins and notes are kept in separate compartments. You can even keep notes like Rs 500 and Rs 2000 in one compartment and the ones with lesser denomination in some other compartment. Be very careful of how to spend your money!

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